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Why Buying Organic Cotton Makes a Difference

When you hear or see the word ‘organic’ what first comes to mind? Pure, healthy, over-priced or the latest fad maybe?

The main difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton is in the way it is farmed and cultivated. Why is it important to know and care? Because it affects the environment you live in, your community and family and your health and skin.

A few interesting facts about organic cotton…

  • Buying and wearing organic cotton saves lives! The wellbeing of cotton farmers and the community surrounding the fields can be greatly affected when harmful pesticides are used in conventional cotton growing. You are exposing yourself to hazardous chemicals, toxins and nickel found in pesticide which are known to cause poisoning, skins rashes and even cancer.
  • Maintains a healthy eco-system and promotes environmental sustainability. Production and harvesting practices maintain a balance between pests and their natural predators through healthy soil. All things have a purpose, even pests!
  • Certification requires fair wages and treatment of workers, and strict standards that regulate the environmental impact of textile manufacturing that companies must comply with to achieve such certification.

For the reasons highlighted above, organic cotton and other sustainable fibres are the natural choice for us at Kinde Co.

Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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