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Caring for Children with Skin Sensitivities

It's a bit mind-boggling how the largest organ in our bodies, the skin, is so easily taken for granted. Usually, we give it some TLC only when there are already noticeable signs of discomfort or physical manifestations like nasty rashes, bug bites, minor scrapes or burns from accidents big and small, etcetera. 

Prevention is always better than cure. As parents, it is our role to show by example how caring for their skin is important while they are young so that they would develop good skin care habits early on for long-term protection.

Here are five rules that cover the bases for good skin care for children with skin sensitivities.


Protect your child's skin from the sun. 

Encourage your child to stay out of the sun when its rays are at their strongest, use protective clothing, and choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 30. Avoid products that contain para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) as these can irritate the skin.


Apply it to your child's body and face within 2 or 3 minutes after bathing to seal in the moisture.

Avoid allergens. 

Avoid using household aerosol products like furniture polish or air-freshening sprays, and keep them away from common culprits for allergies like pet hair and dander, and wool or synthetic clothing.

Consult the experts.

Get medical help for severe irritations. Inflamed, itchy, rashes that occur often should be checked by a trusted doctor.

Only use child-friendly products without harmful or strong dyes and perfumes.

Many cleaning products, like laundry detergents, liquid or bar soaps, and personal care products like soaps, creams or shampoos have chemical irritants that could cause a negative reaction to your child's sensitive skin. Know the brands, and check the labels.


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Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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