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Classic Pieces from the Going Places Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

Kinde co.’s Going Places Spring-Summer 2016 collection has been created with the vision of having kids celebrate what could be perhaps the greatest joy there is in being a child: the fierce desire to explore and learn about the world around them, and most importantly, their inherent ability to find joy and adventure in every day that passes.

Just like all Kinde co. pieces, these stylish kids’ organic cotton tops and bottoms in the latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection were created with Kinde co.’s four key elements of comfort: Fabric, Easy Fit and Wear, The Inner Garment and Quality That Lasts.

The pieces are simple, wardrobe staples that are highly versatile— perfect for picnic dates, birthday parties, trips to the zoo or movies and visits to Nan and Pops. The unique fabric blend is trans-seasonal making them great for packing light on summer trips and for layering with other pieces for colder weather, ready for whatever adventure you choose to go on.



The ‘8’ Applique Tee 

The 8 Applique Tee features a tropical floral applique design made of remnant fabrics that beautifully contrasts with the plain organic cotton material. For this season’s pieces featuring the applique finish, Kinde co. head designer and co-founder Mary Kottatis thoughtfully selected fabrics that work especially well with organic cotton garments such as cotton, silk, and tencel, keeping in mind the soft and stretchy nature of the base fabric. Once these babies go places with wash and wear from being your kid’s next favourite shirt, the triple stretch stitch will reveal a raw edge that will add character to the garment.

The Kimono Sleeve Dress

Taking inspiration from athe-leisure trend on runways from Spring Summer 2016,  the Kimono Sleeve Dress is comfortable and effortlessly cool, boasting of a relaxed fit that epitomises the definition of comfort. Its simple, understated classic design makes it one of the most versatile pieces in the collection, great for a sunny day at the beach with sea breezes blowing , or to layer with other pieces in colder months.

The Toy Print T-Shirt

This organic cotton Toy Print T-shirt with its basic black and white colour scheme is a classic. Made for comfort that lasts, this seamless organic cotton shirt for kids features a simple, no-nonsense print and design that makes it go well with a great number of accessories, tops and layering pieces.

The Painted Stripes T-shirt

The Painted Stripes T-shirt’s minimalistic striped blue, silk-screened print gives a nautical vibe, great summer day outdoors to keep your kid cool and ready for action.

Take a look at the other pieces from this season’s collection here. Make sure your kid goes on their adventures in style and comfort with Kinde co.

Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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