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Get Ready for School, Parents and Kids!

It might be a bit of a challenge for both you and your kids to get back into the busy daily grind this upcoming school term. No more staying up late, uniforms and clothes to wash, adhering to schedules to keep things running smoothly—it could be a bit rocky at the start, but there is no need to get stressed. You and your kids will get the hang of it again soon enough. How do you make things easier for everyone in this crucial period?

Show your enthusiasm

Be excited about them going back to school. Ask them how they are feeling about the start of the new term, and encourage them to share their concerns (both positive and negative). This will give you more perspective on how to help them feel more confident, and how to motivate them with their academics, as well as extracurricular activities.

From “Parent engagement in education is about parents being positively involved in their child’s learning and school community — to help them learn and enjoy school.” They added that research has identified five ways on how parents could make a positive impact on how children learn: Setting positive expectations; having regular conversations; supporting good study habits; encouraging reading; and building a partnership with the child’s teachers.

Prepare the night before school starts

The first morning should not be too chaotic if small tasks such as laying out their school clothes or uniforms are done the night before, including their underwear and shoes. Their school bag should also be prepared and checked the night before so they don’t run in circles the next day trying to find one thing or another.

Get organised in the morning 

Clocks are absolutely essential for kids in the school age. By being consistent with an efficient daily morning routine, you will help them form good habits, which gives them the power to keep things in order for themselves, without constant prodding and nagging from you.

Prepare a healthy breakfast that would give your child energy so they could be in the right frame of mind for learning. Click here to find out some essentials on preparing a healthy breakfast for your growing kid. Also, be smart about packing lunches for your kids. There are great, easy to make lunch ideas here from

Having an organised, chaos-free morning is key to starting a happy day.

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Keep calm and stay positive. Have a fun, back-to-school first day! #BeKinde

Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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