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Kinde co. Garments: It Matters How It’s Made


Kinde co. produces sensory friendly kids wear perfect for children with tactile defensiveness and skin sensitivities, with great thought for the wearer’s comfort and style sensibility. We uphold ethical and sustainable practices that help developing countries and positively impacts the environment at large by reducing massive carbon footprint in the production of our garments.

We live and breathe the Kinde co. Code. Our aim is to make a mark in the retail industry on a global scale by applying high eco-conscious and ethical manufacturing standards in our business model. From the get-go, it was important for us to find suppliers who share the same values with us: ones that uphold social responsibility at the very core of their production and manufacturing process.

Our garments are produced in Tripur, India, from Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified suppliers who specialise in organic and sustainable manufacturing. These certifications are annually audited and renewed, and are gold standards in global organic and ethical manufacturing; all this to ensure that all Kinde co. garments are of the highest quality and produced with adherence to FLOCERT standards.

The garments are carefully examined to ascertain that raw materials used are processed without harmful chemicals. All chemical inputs for the Kinde co.’s garments such as bleaching agents and dyestuffs are GOTS-approved, and each piece undergoes a strict quality assurance check with appropriate testing reports to demonstrate its durability, breathability, moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties.

Kinde co. crafts trendy pieces made or organic cotton and bamboo fabric because of the benefits it provides to our customers and the environment. These fabrics are soft, breathable and versatile, with virtually endless possibilities for creating well-made, comfortable and trendy designs that children will love to wear year-round. Even the embellishments, prints, appliques, are selected with comfort in mind, and the accessories we use such as zippers, as well as snap buttons are nickel free.

Kinde co.’s 4 key elements of comfort are applied for all products in our collections: the organic cotton and organic bamboo Fabric, Easy Fit and Wear, the Inner Garment (seamless clothes with printed tags and care instructions), and Quality that lasts.

During the product development stage of each piece in our headquarters, comprehensive research is done with regards to prevailing style trends; our dedication to producing great products for our customers is exhibited by our continuous effort to get customer feedback, enabling us to constantly apply product innovations.

Here at Kinde co., we are passionate about the whole experience of wearing clothing. It’s a long process no doubt, but it is an undertaking we enjoy because we truly love what we do.

Check out our new Spring-Summer 2016 Going Places Collection here.

Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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