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Kinde co.’s Navy Blue Bottoms are Wardrobe Staples

The navy Organic Bottom Track Pant , Organic Cotton Cuffed Shorts, and the Cotton/ bamboo 'Elena' Flare Skirt from Kinde co.’s Going Places Spring-Summer 2016 collection work double time, and would certainly give you a bang for your buck: These stylish and versatile kids’ organic cotton bottoms could be paired with virtually any top for effortless cool, and are most definitely made for all-day wear.

The Cotton/Bamboo ‘Elena’ Flare Skirt

Make no mistake, the Cotton/Bamboo Elena Flare Skirt is way more than your average skirt! Like all of Kinde co.’s organic cotton garments, this piece tested for durability, made to last for years with proper care. It is sure to be one of your girls’ favourite pieces, as the possibilities for creating the perfect look with this skirt is practically limitless. She could experiment with looks and go preppy, go edgy, or unleash her inner dainty princess—this organic cotton/bamboo skirt can complete virtually any OOTD you can dream of. 

The Organic Button Track Pant

They’re like plain blue denim jeans that could go with anything, except when your child wears them, they would thank you for not making them wear uncomfortable denim jeans. This soft tailored gusseted pants featuring a wide elastic waistband is good for active play or a laid back day. Head designer Mary put great attention to its design with its clean stitching, adding a contrast red side stripes detail on each of its optional turn up cuffs for a true athleisure feel.

The Organic Cotton Cuffed Shorts

Nothing says “summer” than a good old pair of comfortable shorts! It has seamless patch pockets where your kids can put their little knick-knacks while out on summer adventures at the beach. The Organic Cotton Cuffed Shorts’ drop crotch and wide elastic waistband give a soft, tailored fit.

Kinde co.’s four key elements of comfort: Fabric, Easy Fit and Wear, The Inner Garment and Quality That Lasts are at the very core of all our collections These seamless organic cotton bottoms have printed tags and great for kids of all abilities—especially for children with skin sensitivities, as well as tactile and sensory sensitivities. Kinde co. gives equal importance to style and form, anchoring our design process on the principle that children should be allowed to learn about the world around them by having the freedom to move, play and explore.

Anne Gan
Anne Gan


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