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The Whole Pack is Packed: Practical Travel-Wear and Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

So, the whole pack is going on a vacation! As a parent or guardian, there are a few considerations when dressing small children for a flight or a long road trip, not to mention the type of clothes that you should pack with you. Travelling with small children need not be an ordeal if you are equipped with a bit of know-how on travel-wear. Being smart about how to dress children and what clothes to bring could make the difference between an average vacation and an unforgettable one.

We’ve got the basics covered. Here are key things to remember for kids’ travel-wear:

  • Dress them in practical, comfortable clothing, and pick basics with breathable materials.
  • For obvious reasons, this is the first consideration when it comes to dressing children, not just for travel but for the everyday grind—but this is of utmost importance especially on long trips. Even for adults, it is often very tempting to bring too much of the frilly and fancy stuff, and we sometimes forget to err on the side of practicality. Let them wear breathable materials, and skip the ones that might make them feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

    For the boys: (Above)Packing can be easy, light and fuss-free, more time to enjoy the holidays together.

    (Below) Kinde co. Day and Night Boys Inspiration Outfits 


    Keep it simple.

  • Stay away from tight-fitting clothes.
  • Pick the ones with a relaxed fit. Kids who might already feel anxious about flying or have road sickness will definitely just feel worse with tight fitting clothes on, and this might induce queasiness or nausea. Seamless, elastic waistbands would make it easier for them (or you) to handle when they need to pee, do a number two, or wash-up.

    For the girls: (Above) Basics with relaxed fit are your best bets for easy mix n’ matching, and for maximum comfort.

    (Below) Kinde co. Day and Night Girls Inspiration Outfits 


  • Bring a hat and a sweater.
  • Don’t pile them all in one go unless necessary, but you should have these in handy to provide them with extra warmth as needed.

  • Make them wear shoes that come on and off easily
  • Pick a good pair of sneakers, slip-ons or sandals that are comfortable for walking, and that would be easy for the both of you to handle. For closed shoes, protect their feet with a pair of breathable socks for extra comfort and protection.

  • Bring bibs and baby wipes for the messy eaters
  • Eating on the road or on board a flight isn’t so easy, even for adults. Bibs are not only for infants or babies, they could come in handy for small children, too. Baby wipes are always good to have even when you’re not travelling with a baby! It’s great for quickly wiping off spills and stains.

    If you need more help and insight on packing for your child, extensive packing lists are uploaded on the Travel Mamas website. 

    Make a list of all the things you need to bring, and pack in assembly line fashion as you go through the list when preparing for the trip. If your child is old enough to carry some of his or her stuff, it is best to use pilot’s type suitcases with wheels and a sturdy backpack.

    Now, off you go. Have a great trip!

    Julienne Odra
    Julienne Odra


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