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Get Ready for School, Parents and Kids!

It might be a bit of a challenge for both you and your kids to get back into the busy daily grind this upcoming school term. No more staying up late, uniforms and clothes to wash, adhering to schedules to keep things running smoothly—it could be a bit rocky at the start, but there is no need to get stressed.

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Tips to Help Children with Tactile Defensiveness

Children with tactile defensiveness are hypersensitive to touch, are often overwhelmed with commonplace textures (such as sponges, leaves, clothing tags and seams etc.), and may have aversions to ordinary tactile sensations from hugs or shaking hands, to name a few; in severe cases, they might even find these things painful.

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Kinde co.’s Navy Blue Bottoms are Wardrobe Staples

The navy Organic Bottom Track Pant , Organic Cotton Cuffed Shorts, and the Cotton/ bamboo 'Elena' Flare Skirt from Kinde co.’s Going Places Spring-Summer 2016 collection work double time, and would certainly give you a bang for your buck: These stylish and versatile kids’ organic cotton bottoms could be paired with virtually any top for effortless cool, and are most definitely made for all-day wear.

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Why Family Nature Trips are Essential for the Mind and Body

With the consistent rise of technological developments coming our way, more and more families spend their recreational time watching movies, surfing the internet, or playing games on their gadgets. The importance of nature-based outdoor activities and free play for kids, as well as parents, is grossly underestimated these days. Many children today are deprived of first-hand nature adventures, which could be detrimental for their holistic development.   
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