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Kinde co. is all about nurturing and embracing individuality through carefully designed and crafted clothing for kids today.


A collection of quality, eco-friendly designs crafted for kids with true comfort and style in mind. Launched in 2015 by sisters Mary Kottatis and Anne Zara Gan, Kinde co. has fast been recognised as the answer to many parent's worries when it comes to dressing up kids with skin and sensory sensitivities. 


They took a step back to fully understand the whole experience of wearing clothing, which goes well behind the confines of aesthetics. They delved deeper into the sensory experience of wearing clothing.

They identified 4 Key Elements of Comfort when it comes to wearing clothing:
Easy Fit and Wear
The Inner Garment and
Quality That Lasts.

They have developed their core design features around these four key elements to produce high-quality, sensory friendly garments.

The sisters are proud to be creating sustainable and ethically made garments that is kind to the wearer, the environment and the many hearts and skilled hands who craft Kinde co.’s garments from seed to garment.