Let’s go all natural!

For those who love the environment and want to do their bit to keep it green. Our clothes are crafted from organic cotton/bamboo fabric, meaning unparralleled softness and comfort. To learn more about our chosen fabric click here.

It’s what on the inside that counts! 

We believe the same rule applies to clothes. Do your kids get irritated by the rough tags and seams? We’ve used printed labels and care instructions and flat seaming technology to minimise skin irritations and sensory sensitivities. It also makes the clothes twice as durable!

We love practicality!

For kids who love to carry little bits and bobs, we’ve added patch pockets. Stylish, functional, and eliminates the need for bulky inner pocket bags.

Quick and easy

That’s what we want the dress up routine to be, leaving more time to play, laugh and learn. We’ve included garment features like custom long zipper pulls to make it easy to grab and zip, our snap buttons helps save time when dressing up and is stylish and sturdy. Our relaxed fitting sleeves and wide, stretch necklines allows kids to easily slip in and out with ease. No more tight, restricting waistlines with our elastane waists for more flexibility and freedom to move and play.