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Tactile defensiveness is a type of Sensory Processing Disorder, (SPD) where an individual shows patterns of behavioural and emotional responses that are out of proportion to certain tactile stimuli. It is a neurological condition that affects the way children and adults register, process, and use the information gathered from their senses. SPD may affect anybody in varying levels, but tends to be more common in children on the Autism Spectrum, with ADHD and other learning and developmental disorders.

Certain types of clothing, fabrics, tags and seams may cause a tactile defensive person to feel peculiar, anxious, or even pain. At any given situation, it could be fight or flight over very small, everyday touch sensations.

At Kinde co. we design adaptive clothing that meets functional requirements for the tactile defensive child, without sacrificing style.

We design our garments from a sensory perspective. The following are crucial areas we focus on when designing our collections: physiological factors (characteristics or conditions appropriate for healthy or normal functioning); visual factors (colour, pattern and print); to the auditory factors (the sound clothing makes when in movement).

Here at Kinde Co., we look at the task of dressing up and wearing clothing in a holistic way. Aside from our eco-consciousness and ethical practices in production as well as retail, we take into account how the body conforms when dressing up, the long-term effects of wearing certain fabrics, and the fit of each piece.