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Thank you for sharing your feedback, thoughts and awesome photos.
There's nothing better than seeing kids owning their Kinde co. outfits.


My daughter just loves the top! She is obsessed with the pocket and says the top is super soft and comfortable.
She's already worn it 3 times and is her #1 pick when dressing herself!
Breana-  California, USA

Alyssa has been wearing the blue dress (Aurea Sundress) from Kinde co. everyday unless it rains.
She doesn't like blue but she's obsessed with the Kinde co. dress probably due to its cooling material.
Knowing autistic kids they are very routine and very picky so if she likes it and wears it almost everyday then it's perfect!


The Kinde Tee is a great essential piece to have to easily put outfits together. Our son loves the shade of blue!
And because it's breathable and light, he's never complained of it being itchy or stuck on his skin, unlike with some of his other shirts after a long afternoon running around. 
It's soft and comfortable to the touch and we haven't needed to iron the Kinde Tee after washing and line drying. So, when are the adult sizes coming? :)
Michael & Krisha- Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Yes, I'm happy with the purchase. Paolo loves wearing them. 
It's light, soft, cool...
Washes really well. Definitely recommending to friends. 
Raquel- Sydney, AUSTRALIA

We received the shorts in the mail yesterday!! My son actually wore them to 
bed last night! Lol they are supper comfy and soft. And they have pockets
which is an added bonus! Thanks again for the shorts ;)
Natalie- Alberta, CANADA

My son loves his t-shirt (Crane Print) especially the front pocket. He insist on wearing it everyday. 
I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I would purchase from again. 
Leilani- Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Most days, Cecilia changes from her school uniform into her skirt. 
Thanks for such a hard wearing piece of clothing, it washes well, and 
no need for ironing. The material is soft, I wish i could wear it. 
Hope there will be adult clothing in the future, I would definitely buy for myself. 
Teresa- Sydney AUSTRALIA

We cannot get it off him!!! These garments have been designed in consideration of
skin and sensory sensitivities, reducing, if not eliminating, the irritations
some kids experience. Organic and fair trade... Kinde Co is a new fav of Rheef's and mine
as he has no complaints of wearing it due to discomfort.

Kristy, Maitland NSW