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Top 17 Green Living Mum Blogs To Follow

Here at Kinde Co. we know you have to trudge through all the murky data and misinformation brought about by the multitude of “organic living” websites on the internet - and we’d like to help you with that! The following blogs know first-hand by living what they preach and continually research about living a healthy, sustainable, and environmentally sound lifestyle. We asked each mum blogger one question:
"What pushed you to live the green lifestyle?" 

top green living mum blogs


Please note that this list is not ordered - we love every single blog in this list. Here are our top 17 Green Living Mum Blogs!

Say Not Sweet Anne

say not sweet anne


Say Not Sweet Anne is owned and managed by Kayla Domeyer - a person of many roles. She’s a graphic designer, web designer, a wife, a daughter, and a crafter! Say Not Sweet Anne is a well-designed mum blog that talks about a lot of things, but mainly on living a healthy and happy lifestyle. A number of articles are do-it-yourself posts and could be good Saturday morning projects for you and your kids, but how-to posts like 8 Adjustments To Help You Sleep Better can also be found on the blog. The blog has an interesting history and you should definitely check out its About page.

Family Focus Blog

family focus blog


Family Focus Blog was kick started 5 years ago by Scarlet Paolicchi. A the title suggests, Family Focus Blog revolves around parenting tips, fun activities for the whole family, travel and discounts, as well as tips on how to live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. Oh, and watch out for giveaways! Scarlet’s blog has received several awards and has been #3 in Cision PR’s top 50 U.S. mum bloggers list. Now, she can add the Top 17 Green Living Mum Blog award to her portfolio!

Scarlet's answer:

I would have to say my love of nature. I always loved playing outdoors. I always loved hiking and seeing nature untouched as much as possible.  I do remember in high school biology class learning about human population exponential growth and feeling frightened.  We need to live a green lifestyle just to protect what we love!  I also love the idea of recycling and upcycling just because they are amazing.  I mean, who doesn't want to use things over again and find new ways of using what would otherwise be trash.  That just feels good. It is a no brainer.  Green habits are just something that always seemed like the obvious better choice.  Why leave the lights on and waste electricity when you can turn them off?  Why not use more eco-friendly products that are also better for our health?  A green lifestyle just seems like one responsibility that is easy to live up to most of the time.  That doesn't mean that I am perfect, but I do the best I can!  

Attached Moms


Attached moms is a mum blog that covers a wide array of topics from green parenting to travel to keeping sane! They also feature several interesting interviews such as “Connecting” As Partners When You Co-Sleep. Most recently, however, Attached Moms has been covering a good deal of giveaways, reviews, and discounts so hurry before everything goes away! Attached Moms are also engaged in helping people to start their own business and they have a dedicated page for a Small Business Guide.

Organic Sunshine

organic sunshine


Organic Sunshine is owned and managed by Nicole, a beautiful wife and mother of 2 boys and a teenage step-son. She started this blog out of passion for living a healthy, environment-friendly lifestyle. Expect to read a lot about organic health products, but be on the lookout for new gardening techniques, recipes, and kitchen aids. Nicole is very passionate about gardening so if you’re looking for some first-hand gardening tips just send her a message and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot! She’s also offering a business opportunity for those who are motivated and willing to learn.

Nicole's answer:

After I had my kids, I became concerned about my family's health and well-being. I started focusing on ways to eliminate harmful chemicals from our life. We took up organic gardening as a family and started making our own natural products with clean ingredients and essential oils. I'm so happy we've transitioned to a green lifestyle. My entire family is happier and healthier and we really enjoy being "green".

Climate Mama

climate mama


Climate Mama is the ultimate mum blog that helps us realise the reality of climate change - it is real and it is definitely happening. Climate Mama was created with the mission to educate and inform people from all over the world about the harsh reality of climate change. It also strives to inspire and empower people to work towards creating a better, greener world. Overall, Climate Mama is a very powerful resource about information regarding climate change as well as a great how-to guide on how to be more eco-friendly.

Her Answer:

Training with The Climate Reality Project and Al Gore in 2007 was a seminal moment in my life, that  turned a "light" on that continues to shine. I had been looking for a way to put my energies into an something that combined my passion for the environment with my love, concerns and hopes for my children and climate change education and advocacy fit perfectly. As time has clearly shown us, climate change is an umbrella issue that impacts and touches us all in a myriad of ways now and forever intertwining justice, health, the environment, equality, peace, security, food, water and our future.

The Messy Organic Mum

the messy organic mum


The Messy Organic Mum is owned and managed by Elizabeth. She made this blog to share her journey towards living a healthy and organic lifestyle. As such you, can find information about organic products, recipes of natural unprocessed foods, and books that will make your day! Most of Elizabeth’s recent posts are on preparing organic food - yum! Read The Messy Organic Blog if you want to know how to (and what it takes to) live an organic and healthy lifestyle.

Your Organic Child

your organic child


If your family is an advocate of living an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, then this blog is for you. Your Organic Child has a vast array of topics ranging from Arts and Crafts, to Essential Oils, and even to School Lunch Ideas! Featured on multiple press and media outlets, think of this blog as your handy-dandy guide to living living green.

Natureal Mom

natureal mom


Lacey is the owner and author of Natureal Mom, a lifestyle blog that covers topics such as conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and post partum. Lacey is a mother, a birth doula, a childbirth and lactation educator, and an advocate of making informed and conscious choices for our families. She is also a fan of living a holistic and sustainable lifestyle so expect to read articles about these topics on her blog.

Mama Hippie

mama hippie


Stephanie is the author of Mama Hippie and she has been blogging since 2003! She’s a strong advocate of gentle and natural parenting. If you’re a vegan you will thoroughly enjoy her posts as she’s been vegan since 2006 and has avoided using and consuming animal products. Her blog is also well-designed and very organised and I personally found it a pleasure to browser through her posts.

Stephanie's answer:

I stopped eating meat in 2006 after euthanizing my cat who was very sick, but at the time didn't think much of the other household products and personal care items I was using. It wasn't until my husband decided to go vegan 6 years later, that I really started to think about other products I was using. Even though I wasn't consuming meat, I was still contributing to harm to the environment and animals. I went vegan shortly afterwards, and did a major overhaul on our cleaning and personal care products. With the birth of our son in 2015, I have found I have become even more diligent with the type of products we bring into our home.

Mama Naturelle

mama naturelle


Mama Naturelle is authored by Johanna. The blog revolves around her advocacy of going pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood the natural way - and her birth philosophy definitely makes a lot of sense. Women are have the capability to give birth without the use of drugs or unnecessary interventions like a C-section. Ultimately, Mama Naturelle inspires expecting moms to give birth their way. If you’re looking for support, you can definitely find it through Johanna.

Johanna's answer:

I was seventeen when my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Luckily, he is fine now and this only ended up being a terrifying moment in our lives... but it was definitely an eye opener for my entire family. We modified our diet, paid closer attention to product labels, and became more health-conscious in all areas of our lives. Almost a decade later, when I got pregnant with my first child, I decided to have a natural birth for the same reason: I wanted my son to enter the world without the use of drugs and unnecessary medical intervention. I wanted him to get a healthy start in life, which is also why I still breastfeed my ten month old today (and why I plan on continuing to do so for as long as he wants me to!) We live in a world where almost everything we buy and use is dangerous for our health, so I try to make the "healthy" choice when I have the opportunity to. Unfortunately, we don't have control over everything, but I get some peace of mind knowing that when I can, I do what is best for my family.

Safe Mama

safe mama


Every parent  wants the best for their child - be it the most nutritious diet or the safest toys and medicine. Katherine, the author of Safe Mama, had a eureka moment when she thought she must not be the only one scouring the internet for information on things that affects their children. And thus Safe Mama was born - your original one-stop parent resource! Safe Mama is a blog made of over 10 years of researching as a parent.

Groovy Green Living

groovy green livin


Groovy Green Livin is a site dedicated to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a place to share credible ideas about living green as well as a resource for useful information on living a greener lifestyle. Groovy Green Livin strongly advocates starting the green lifestyle in the simplest of things like switching to reusaable napkins and water bottles, buying safe cleaning products, and even going paper tower less. The site is authored by Lori Alper.

This West Coast Mommy

this west coast mommy


This West Coast Mommy is authored by Olivia. This blog is a personal journey towards parenthood, family, and living greener. She also frequently features product reviews and giveaways, as well as paleo-friendly recipes and craft projects that’s absolutely perfect for do-it-yourself moms (and dads!).

Olivia's answer:

For me, living in Vancouver and exploring our ocean, mountains, and forests made me very aware of how important nature is to our lives. Having children pushed me to expand my efforts to conserve and reduce waste even further, as I want to pass along a healthy, vibrant planet to my children and their children.

Maman Loup’s Den

maman loup's den


Maman Loup, which translates to Mommy Wolf in French, is authored by Lindsay. She was an eco-conscious person way before, but having kids just increased her passion to live truly green! Lindsay’s vast experience in living the eco-friendly lifestyle made Maman Loup’s Den a great eco-parenting (eco meaning both economical and ecological) blog. You can read green product reviews like cloth diapers as well as topics related to parenting like breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

Lindsay's Answer:

Having children motivated me to up my "green living" game. I wanted to set a good example for them, save money, and do my part to make sure they have a beautiful, healthy world to grow up in.

Naturally Teaching

naturally teaching


Naturally Teaching is a blog written by Victoria, a teacher and a firm believer in teaching in a way that feels most natural to her - both creative and objective. According to Victoria, Naturally Teaching serves two purposes: as a resource for teachers and students who want to be teachers and as a resource for parents who are teachers in their own right. The blog mostly contains articles about education, parenting, as well as free printables and how to’s.

Victoria's Answer:

My family has chosen to live a green lifestyle because of our love and respect for nature. We do what we can to protect the environment in our everyday lives as well as try to inspire others to do the same. If we want our families to experience our wonderful world we need to protect it and it starts with the small things at home.

Mama Papa Barn

mama papa barn


Mama Papa Barn is authored by Christine, a multicultural mom living in a bilingual household. She’s worked in the corporate world before finally pursuing full-time parenthood and blogging and currently spends her day exploring and learning with her children. According to her, her family tries to make everyday Earth Day! Read her blog if you love topics about babies, beauty, and living the green life.

Christine's answer:

I was inspired to live a greener, cleaner life by my aunt. She used organic ingredients and made her own food. She used cloth diapers. She cleaned with low-toxin options. She was always looking for more eco friendly solutions for her family. I spent a lot of time with her and her values stayed with me.

Mommy Scene

mommy scene


According to their blog, Mommy Scene is a “network of moms sharing ideas, tips, and life experiences”. If you’re constantly on the lookout for the best products for your family, they have a lot of family-focused product reviews, as well as fun and creative projects you can do with your children.