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Our Garments


At Kinde co., our approach to designing children’s wear is a process that takes into consideration sensitivities that one may feel when wearing mainstream clothing and fashion. Tags, seams and fabric texture can, for some kids, make them feel uncomfortable and irritable.


As mums ourselves, we have become more aware that certain environmental sensory stimuli can affect children that can contribute to lack of focus and even anxiety. It is our goal to continually provide parents and their children clothing options that can help reduce discomfort particularly for those hypersensitive to touch.


Our designs include flat seams, printed tags, wide elastic waistbands, pockets to keep busy hands and trinkets in, soft, breathable and stretchy fabric. 


We always value your feedback and love to hear any suggestions. So please feel free to drop us an email or message here. Your suggestions and ideas could help us build a product range that is practical and useful for everyday families.  

Untitled design (5).png
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